Official Visits 2018-2019

The Intendant General, R.Ill.Kt Stuart Graves, and his Deputy, V.Ill.Kt Wes Hollands, have produced a schedule of their Official Visits to the Conclaves of the Metropolitan Division for the current year.

A table of those visits listing the dates and whether or not they will be accompanied by a Delegation of Divisional Officers on the day can […]

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The Metropolitan Division Sepulchre Guard

What is the “Divisional Sepulchre Guard”?

The Divisional Sepulchre Guard is an elite group of Worthy Knights carefully selected by the Right Illustrious Intendant General in consultation with his senior officers for the purpose of fulfilling ceremonial and ritual roles within the Metropolitan Division. It is a real honour to be a member and is the […]

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Charity Donation from Division

Monday 27th November at 12 Noon at Mark Masons’ Hall

Charities Manager, Darren Coleman, joins Metropolitan  Division Intendant-General, R.Ill.Kt Stuart Graves and his Deputy, V.Ill.Kt Wes Hollands at Mark Masons Hall to present a cheque for £1000 to the CEO of the Cancer Support UK Charity, Gemma Holding… read more

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