On Wednesday 15th February 2017 R.Ill.Kt Peter Fuchter attended Dalison Conclave for what he thought was an ordinary meeting. However, all seemed somewhat different when it was first announced that M.Ill.Kt Graham Flight, Grand Sovereign, was outside and demanded admission. The Grand Sovereign presented Dalison Conclave with a Grand of Jubilee Warrant much to the delight of all present.

Late inĀ proceedings V.Ill.Kt Wes Hollands announced that the members of Metropolitan Division, in grateful thanks for R.Ill.Kt. Peter’s service of 10 years to the Division, had a presentation to make. The retiring Intendant General was then presented with 2 super bottles of wine, following which he was then presented with 2 further gifts from the members. Two laptop computers were presented, this being rather apt as R.Ill.Kt Peter had recently mentioned that both his and his wife’s current laptops had either broken or become very unstable…. luckily the members Metropolitan Division had obtained suitable and useful gifts…..

Subsequently at dinner R.Ill.Kt Peter again thanked the members of Metropolitan Division, not only for the very kind and thoughtful gifts to both him and his wife but also for making the last 10 years as Intendant General such a wonderful and enjoyable time.

Attached to this item is a letter of thanks from R.Ill.Kt Peter and we wish him all the very best in his retirement.