Eric HAMPSON 300Eric joined the Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in 2000 when he was Installed into Robert Lloyd Conclave No 229, within the Division of Kent, being Enthroned as MPS in 2007 and later serving as Conclave Marshal for some eight years.
Meanwhile, in 2002, he was selected for the Kent Divisional Sepulchre Guard upon which he served until 2011, including 4 years as Deputy Captain and 3 years as Captain of the Guard.
In 2009, Eric joined Kent Conclave No 379 and became a Founder member of Comitatus Conclave No 501, of which he was Enthroned as MPS in 2011.
He was invited to join the Grand Sepulchre Guard in 2004, upon which he was most privileged to serve until 2012, the last four years as Deputy Captain. Following his first promotion to Grand Rank, Eric ceased to be an active member of the Guard but continued to serve as its Conclave Marshal for some 6 years and was subsequently Enthroned as MPS in 2018.
In 2014, Eric was delighted to accept the opportunity of serving the Metropolitan Division as Divisional Deputy Marshal and was later promoted to Divisional Marshal in 2016.
Following promotion within Grand Imperial Conclave to Grand Sword Bearer in 2017, Eric joined Peter Lonnon Conclave No 506 in 2018 and was subsequently promoted to Deputy Intendant-General in 2020, since when he has been striving to support our Intendant-General, Rt. Ill. Kt. Stuart Graves, albeit that much work has been behind the scenes due to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic.
Indeed, had it not been for the Masonic suspension, Eric would have been a proud Founder member of Metropolitan Conclave No 533 which was due to be Consecrated on 20th March 2020. Hopefully, the Consecration will take place as soon as practicable in 2021.
Eric’s Masonic journey has also included service as:
Past Senior Grand Deacon – Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master within the Craft Province of West Kent, having previously served as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah - Holy Royal Arch - within the Province of West Kent
30th Degree Ancient & Accepted Rite – District of West Kent
Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master (Designated Deputy Provincial Grand Master) – Royal Order of Scotland (Kent)

Member of Mark and RAM